Purple Bracelet Club – How It All Started

Like a lot of people I found myself working in a toxic environment.  People around me were not happy with their lives or their work environment.  I was not unhappy, but I was not happy either.  I was searching for something, but did not know what.

I was an avid watcher of ‘ The Oprah Winfrey Show’.  I found her to be positive and living a truly exciting and fulfilling life.  I did not realize it, but I was searching for a change.  Approximately 15 years ago a specific episode started me on a path of change and direction.  A minister named Will Bowen appeared on Oprah’s show.  He explained his small congregation in Kansas City, Missouri suffered from a great deal of complaining and general bad attitudes about their lives and the lives of those around them.  He came up with an idea to create  a complaint free world.  He set out to have purple, rubber bracelets made with an imprinted message “A Complaint Free World.”  The premise was simple, by placing the bracelet on one wrist you committed to no complaining , criticizing or gossiping.  If you did any of the three, the bracelet needed to be switched to the opposite wrist.  If you could keep the bracelet on one wrist for 21 days, you would have successfully changed this negative habit into a positive habit and therefore, created a more positive world around you.

I was intrigued by this story and set out to order 15 bracelets and purchase his book, ‘ A Complaint Free World.’  Once I received my bracelets and book I sent an email to all my co-workers inviting anyone that wanted to join me on this endeavor.  At the time, 8 people joined me.  I would come to work early, read a portion of his book and send out a paraphrase of what I had read.   I named the emails ‘The Purple Bracelet Club.’  Once the book was completed I branched out to a book titled ‘Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.’  I continued on my quest to create a more positive attitude for myself and help those around me.  It took me approximately 10 months until I was successful in keeping the bracelet on one wrist.  My other co-workers gave up on the concept but most remained on my daily email list.

This was approximately 15 years ago.  I have since retired and through the years my list has grown to 70 plus people.  As I have met people in my life, I have told some the story and they have wanted to join my list.  Monday through Friday it is the first thing I do when I awake.  I grab a cup of coffee and head to my office.  I have had people on the list tell me these inspirational quotes have changed their lives.  I know it has enhanced and changed mine.   I truly believe I don’t pick them, but God picks them because he knows someone on my list needs to hear them.

The last two years I have found our country has become very divided, disgruntled and judgmental.  I too have allowed this to seep into my thoughts and feelings.  Hence, the reason for the inception of this blog ‘Be A Positive.’  I want to take this positive mindset to another level.  I have been thinking about creating a blog surrounded about just making people think and posing questions to help others maybe see their lives and experiences differently.

If you have read this, you too are probably searching for a more positive existence and a change in your world.  I hope you decide to follow me on this journey.  I hope this blog will inspire positive changes in people’s lives.

Let’s Journey Together

Linda Scaffidi

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