Finding Time vs. Making Time!

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We have all done it.  We long for more time to have fun, read or spend more time with the people we love.  We often say, “I wish I could find the time to (fill in the blank).” The truth is we make time for exactly what we want to do.  We set our own priorities on each and every day. 

There are 168 hours in a week.  You probably sleep 56 hours if you are lucky of that week.  But what else do you fill your time with?  We all have certain responsibilities we need to take care of each week, but how many of us truly live the life we want?  How many of us actually schedule time for activities and people we enjoy?  Do you continue to tell yourself, “ I need to find time for me!” But never seem to fit yourself in. 

One thing I have learned is we never find the time, we must make the time.  I am retired, but I have a day planner in front of my computer.  Each week I not only place appointments on my planner, but I schedule time for goals I want to meet and activities that bring me joy.  This blog was a goal I set for myself this year.  I wanted to be a positive force and hopefully help people along the way with their journeys.  Each week I start with an idea for a topic, I schedule time each week to prepare my post and I schedule each post for Friday morning.  I also wanted to read more this year.  I set time aside 2 to 3 days a week to sit for an hour to read a book and journal.   I make a conscious effort to live each day doing what is truly important to me and rejuvenates my spirit. 

As you read this think of your day.  Remember everything you did with your time was your choice. You may not have a choice about going to work each day, but you have a choice what to do with your time when you leave work.  How many times did you look at your phone?  How much time did you spend on social media or playing video games?  Is that what you really wanted to do with your time?  If so, great!  But, if not, maybe you need to rethink what really matters to you.  Would you rather reconnect with friends, spend quality time with your spouse or you children.  Do you have a favorite craft or activity you never seem to get to?  Don’t find the time, make the time. 

At the end of the day, we make the choices about our time.  Are you making time to do things that are important to you or just wishing to find the time.  The choice is yours. 






2 thoughts on “Finding Time vs. Making Time!

  1. This is a great post, thanks Linda! I would love to schedule some time to get together with you…I am always off on Fridays- let’s start there. Let me know what your schedule permits. Have a blessed weekend, love, Deb.

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