Moments to Memories…………..


This entry was written June 4, 2013.  I hope it resonates with each person reading it.


Moments to Memories… If you think about it, isn’t that what our life is all about?  Living in the moment and cherishing the memories we make.  Just another lesson I have recently learned.  Life is truly simple.  God has given us all we need to be happy.

We have been given a purpose but we tend to think it is always a profession.  But I am guessing in most cases our life’s purpose is not a profession but a state of being.  We have the answers in front of us each day.  But we are so busy searching we don’t stop, relax and just be.  Only by doing this do I truly believe we find peace and tranquility within ourselves.  Sounds easy but our human self fights the state of just being every day.  We get caught up in the noise of the world.  I am guilty of this as well.

It is now almost 11:00 pm in the evening as I write this entry.  It was only when I sat in stillness did the idea come to me about what lesson to write about.  I find each week this is the only way lessons come to me.  Moments to memories was the theme of our training session with Cesar Milan.  I believe the 42 people which met for this class needed to learn this same lesson as we all resonated with it.

Yesterday I took my Love’s son to his basketball game and sat and had dinner with him.  After a busy day at work I drove 45 minutes, cooked dinner and then I just relaxed and focused on this 11 year old amazing boy.  We talked and laughed at dinner and left for the game.  I have attended every game for the past 2 years and this was the most amazing game yet.  His father had to coach a softball game so I watched the game solo.  This young man scored 2 baskets (nothing but net), had two successful rebounds and his team won with a score of 30/28.  I was so proud of him and was for 1 hour totally in the moment.  Nothing else existed in my life but watching this 11 year old little man play basketball and cheer my heart out for his accomplishments.  I considered it a great evening and a great moment which now is a great memory.

That is what a fulfilling life is.  Moments to memories……………….



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