If I Just…….. Life’s Calling!


How many times have we said, “If I just.”  If I just had more money.  If I just had a bigger house.  If I just had a smaller body.  The list could go on and on.  The truth is if we just stopped looking at what we think we need to make us happy and just looked around at what we already have, we would realize we have all we need and probably a good portion of what we want.

I played this game for many years.  Only to realize after I turned 40 I already had all I needed. At the time my house was not very big, but it was comfortable and the walls were filled with memories of love.  It kept me warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  It was my quiet, safe place to come at the end of each day and unwind.  I stopped dreaming of a bigger house and just dreamed of a home to share with the one I love.  Once I started to heal from my grief I realized I needed nothing.  I already had all I needed and just enjoyed my in the moment.  I still have wants, goals and dreams.  It is what keeps us passionate about our lives.  The difference is now I focus on each day and enjoy what I already have and look forward to what else God has in store for me.

I laugh now and I think back to when I was 16.  I told myself I will be happy once I can leave home.  I left home and joined the Navy.  I met my husband and we bought a mobile home.  I told myself I will be happy when we own a home.  We bought the home.  Funny, it was supposed to be a starter home and I lived there for 28 years. Each stage was going to make me happy.  It did not accomplish what I thought it should at the time.   Even as I write this I am laughing at myself because while I was telling myself “If I just” life was calling.  Life has always been calling me.  Life continues to happen to us every moment of every day.  What we need to realize is to enjoy our journey and not try to rush it to a place we think it should be.

I believe if we have love, laughter and kindness in our lives, we end up EXACTLY where we are supposed to be with the people we are meant to be with.  We only need to pay attention to the signs that come our way.  I believe everything I have gone through both good and bad up until now is preparing me for my life’s purpose which is happening now at this stage in my life.  Your life’s purpose is not necessarily a profession, so don’t always look in that direction for your passion.

As of today I have the big house, but more importantly I share it with the one I love.  We have a happy life filled with laughter, love and joy.

Life is calling you, how do you want to answer the call?  Give yourself some quiet time and reflection to find your answer.



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