I wrote the below entry in 2015.  It is still true today.  I try to take time each day to just be.

October 23, 2015

Recently, God sent me a reminder about slowing down and truly living in the moment.  As much as I like to give this advice I don’t seem to take it myself.  Since retiring last year I have been busier than I was when I was working full time.

I have acquired 2 part-time jobs.  I walk dogs for 2 to 3 hours on Tuesday and Thursday and I work as a receptionist in an accountant’s office on Monday and Wednesday.  I still try to maintain my dog business website as well as tend to my home and take care of George and Little Man (George Jr.).  I am in the process of painting my hallway and I am constantly thinking of what craft ideas I want to complete for my home.  As soon as my feet hit the floor in the morning, my brain is thinking of all the tasks I want to accomplish in any given day.  Until I was reminded about a week ago, the benefits of slowing down and just being in the moment for a brief period of time.

It was Tuesday, October 13th and it started out busy like most of my days.  I came downstairs to have my coffee and send out my daily inspirational quote to my 65 plus followers.  I fed the frogs, the guinea pig and started the laundry.  I reviewed my dog walking schedule and I had 6 dogs to walk this day.  I also wanted to spend time painting the molding in the hallway, vacuum the downstairs and get ready for a dinner party George and I were attending that evening.  I was focused as always on completing every task on my list.  Fortunately, God had other plans for me that day.

I arrived at the third dog customer home and was pre-occupied and multi-tasking.  I was checking my emails to see if I had received any responses to a surprise party I was planning.  I had taken the key out of the ignition while checking my phone.  I got out of the vehicle and proceeded to complete my task of walking the little shiatsu on my list.  I finished walking the dog, locked the door and reached for my car key in my pocket.  Except, I never put the key in my pocket.  I had locked the keys and my phone in the car.  My initial thought was panic.  How was I going to get into the car and finish my day?  I started looking around for cars in driveways and I knocked on a neighbor’s door requesting use of their phone.  The only number I could readily remember was George as like most people I don’t remember phone numbers anymore because the phone categorizes them by name.  I called George and asked him to call AAA to come and unlock my car.  I was told my dispatch it would be at least 45 minutes to 1 hour for a service person to arrive.  What could I do? I was stuck.

      I cannot stand for extended periods due to my arthritis pain, so I went and sat on the stoop at my dog customer’s home.  After I few moments I started to relax and just look around me.  I took notice what a beautiful day it was outside, mid 70s and sunny.  Next to me were pink roses and I started to smile.  I looked to the sky and talked to God.  I told him thank you for slowing me down and allowing this time to just breathe and take in the beautiful day.  I cleared my mind and just allowed myself to me in that moment.  I reminded myself that I need to stop being so goal oriented and just put time on the calendar to just be.  Go to the lake, sit and read a book or just sit and enjoy Angus running after the ball.  Relaxation needs to be on my list daily.  God wanted me to know there is always time to just Smell The Roses.  Make sure you take the time to smell your roses.



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