What will the New Year bring us? 365 Opportunities!


As I end my 59th year and embark on my journey into my senior years I came across the quote; “ What will the new year bring us? 365 opportunities!”  It struck me that most people reflect at the end of the year what they did not accomplish instead of looking ahead on another 365 opportunities.

Our lives are nothing but a series of choices and roads.  It is always our choice which path we want to follow.  Each day when we awaken it is another chance at yet a new opportunity.  Until I saw this quote I never thought of each year as 365 opportunities.  When I change my mindset to think forward it gives me hope in conquering what I fear and overcoming shortcomings I have been working on for years.

Maybe the secret is truly only looking ahead 1 day at a time and never looking back.  My mindset for 2019 is to cherish all the good memories I have made and moving forward to be the “best” me I can possibly be.  Starting each day knowing the entire day is truly built on my choices and my mindset.  Won’t you join me!  Happy New Year to all of you!


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