Everything Starts with One!

couple holding hands love people


I know you feel it like I do.  The daily headlines of investigations, corruption, lack of moral compass, injustice.  Some days I wonder what has happened to the America I thought I knew.  Then I realized I am seeing it in sound bites through a lens of corporate and social media.

Let’s take social media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  These social media sites were designed with the best intentions of connecting people.  However, on some days we are not necessarily connected in a positive way.  These sites have made it easy for cyber bullying and overall nasty behavior.  I do watch World News Tonight and Good Morning America and equally enjoy these programs.  They do tend to give me an equal mix of both good behavior and bad behavior going on in the world.  However, I am getting sound bites and not necessarily the complete picture.  I really try not to rush to judgment when seeing a story and wait to see how it unfolds.  If I am really interested I will try to do more research to become better informed.  I do enjoy Facebook and Instagram and I do use my accounts to spread positive thoughts and feelings as well as follow people that do the same.  I dropped out of Twitter as I determined this site was more about people imposing their opinions and negative comments as well as cyber bullying and I don’t want or need this activity in my life.  In our polarizing, political climate I have really refrained from interjecting my opinion on someone else’s site.  I remind myself they are as entitled to their opinion as I am to mine.

We must decide who we want to be and the legacy we want to leave.  Each day everything starts with one.  On kind word, one hug, one respectful comment.  As for the quality of our own lives, it starts with one sit up, one workout at the gym, one glass of water etc….

Starting today make your life about one and start to be the change you want to see.  I believe America and the world as a whole has more good people with more in common than we think.  Let’s not let politicians scare us into thinking one side is bad, but merely different.  At the end of the day we want the same things.  A safe place to live surrounded by people who love us and we want the best for our children.  Let’s start with ourselves and not look to another, start with one.








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