What Would I Tell My Younger Self?

My younger self

I am sure if you are reading this you have asked yourself this very question.  I am now 60 and can tell you when I look back at what I was concerned about I now know how unimportant most things were, but at the time they all seemed important.

When we are young adults we are just off our childhood and any scars that might have been created.  Since we are raised by imperfect people, mistakes will be made and scars will be left.  For some, the scars are deeper than others.  Because I moved so often because of my parents irresponsibility and lack of education, my late teens and twenties was about finding and creating stability in my life.  This led to my decision to join the Navy and my choice of a husband.  Until my husband died I was the one in charge of our finances and I handled the daily operation of our home as well as raised our daughter.  For the most part my early adult years were good ones.  I did not take much time to just play and go with the flow.  Every day was filled with tasks and responsibilities either from y full-time job or my home and family.  No time for play.

When I look back I would tell my younger self to not take everything so seriously and don’t be afraid to make a mistake.  It is okay to just be and not have a plan.  Sometimes the best times come about because of no plan.  I would let that young girl know she cannot plan bad things away and should just take the time to smell the roses because some day there will be no tomorrow.


Now I take every day as it comes.  Yes, I do have certain things I want to accomplish each day, but I also take time out to just reflect and sometimes I just do nothing.  I don’t take my love, George, for granted and feel blessed for every day he is with me.  I celebrate my daughter, Angela, and the wonderful woman she has become and my step son, George, for the introspective, king and considerate young man he is and I look forward to the man he will become.  I try not to be scared about the day I will die as I know I have no control over when and where that may happen.  All I can do is appreciate each day I am here with the people I truly love.


What would you tell your young self?



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