The Significance of 29-1

Today, March 29th, marks the 11 anniversary of my husband leaving for Bonaire for a scuba vacation only to never return home.  He passed away on April 1, 2008.

He was a Deputy Fire Marshall and his numeric call sign was 29-1.  It was a few years after he passed when I realized the significance of 29-1.  The 29 reminds me he left on the 29th of the month and he passed on the 1st of the month, 29-1.

Reflecting back on the days and months leading to his death I came to realize how much of my time was spent worrying about his health and worrying about being a young widow.  I now realize the only thing worrying accomplished was stealing me of my joy.  It never stopped the bad thing from happening.  I now know better.  When I catch myself worrying I just move my thoughts to a different direction..

When my husband passed I thought it was the worst thing that could happen to me.  Eleven years later I realize it was a true blessing in disguise.  I have not only moved on, but I have learned lessons I have passed on to other widows/widowers.  I have been told my words have been inspirational and helped them move forward in their lives.  I took a tragic circumstance and made it a positive experience in my future.  I can’t tell you how much joy and gratitude I now have in my life and each day I just strive to live in the moment and cherish each day for what comes into my life.

Kathy Lee Gifford said something very profound the other day, Her joy is not negotiable.  She went on to say that happiness is dependent on circumstances where joy comes from deep within your soul.  It reminded me that we should all strive for joy.  Be content and happy within your present moment.  Think about what you have to be grateful for and remember every circumstance is presented to teach you something or heal something

Strive for joy!


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