Strive for Quiet


I am sure you have all asked the question, “What is my purpose?”  I know I have.  Here is what I have discovered.  We don’t find our purpose by being busy and constantly setting goals.  We find our purpose and reason for being in the quiet.  It is only when we stop and let ourselves be still do we find the answers we seek.

With the exception of the last 10 years, my entire adult life was spent searching for what I wanted and should be doing.  I was busy working a full-time job, raising my daughter and taking care of my home.  With all this I still did not feel satisfied.  My job was just that, a job.  I was good at my job, but cannot say I was fulfilled.  For the first 3 years of Angela’s life I was a stay-at-home mom and was truly happy being home.  I loved nesting and spending time with Angela.  However, once we bought a home we needed 2 incomes to comfortably take care of everything we needed and wanted for our daughter.

Angela grew up, went to college and left home.  This freed up time to explore what my passions were and what I wanted to do.  Again, I kept myself in motion and busy.  Then after April 1, 2008 my world was turned upside down.  After the funeral I now had large gaps of down time, quiet.  Initially, in the quiet time, I would journal about my loss and my feelings of grief.  After 6 months my journaling evolved into  what I wanted my life to look like.  I started planning trips and enjoying time in my home alone.  I started creating more in my craft room and making my home pleasing to come home to, my calm, relaxing haven.  It was in the quiet I started to find my purpose.  It did not come right away and I went in different directions, not a straight line.

I started to work more with dogs and dog training and for a few years I truly enjoyed meeting with clients and helping them train their dogs.  I even went to California and spent time training with Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisper.  This class turned out to be a critical, life-changing event.  Before I went to this class I was on the fence about leaving my job and retiring.  I was afraid to reduce my income by 50 percent, sell my home and start a totally new life.  After the class I decided I was no longer going to make decisions based on safety, but based on truly finding joy, contentment and happiness.

George and I decided to buy a home and after discussing with him I made the decision to retire.  I retired in 2014 and never looked back.  I have had a few part-time jobs since then, but what I have discovered in my quiet times is I am truly happiest when I nest and create.  I now spend my days creating a calm and beautiful home, I mentor his son and I create.  I am in the process of using my crafts to give back and donate to different organizations.  I know this is my purpose because I keep coming back to nurturing and nesting and this is where I find my peace.

Take the time to sit in the quiet and your answers will come.  If you feel joy and contentment you are on the right path.



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