Your Job is not Your Life

Recently one of my dog walking customers lost her beloved Charlie (a Labradoodle).  After the loss I stopped over to visit her and give her a card and extend my sympathies.  I had walked Charlie almost daily for 3 years.  He was truly a good dog and her companion and child.

During our visit we were able to get better acquainted and even found commonality regarding our dysfunctional mothers.  We decided after our talk we would remain in contact and get together once in a while for a glass of wine.  She sent me a text this week informing me she hates her job and is miserable as Charlie was her light each day.  I extended my friendship and told her we would get together soon.  I also extended the link to my blog.  I told her I had been where she is and my blog of my shared experiences may help.

Years ago I too was miserable at my job and even thought of quitting.  I stayed because my childhood scars needed the security of my job regardless of how miserable I felt each day.  However, this was the beginning of my change of mindset.  Angela was getting older and I started to view my job as only a way of supporting my family financially.  My life was what I was passionate about; what excited me and what gave me joy.  Richie and I started to travel more.  I became very interested in NASCAR and expanded on my interest in crafting.  I also sought out therapy to heal some scars as well as improve on who I was and what I wanted in life.

Finally, I started to journal.  At first, I journalled about things that bothered me, but as time passed I started to journal happy things as well as things and events I was grateful for in my life.  My mindset had shifted.  I started a daily inspirational email and as of today I have 77 followers.  I don’t believe I actually pick the inspirational quote each day.  I believe God uses me as a tool to send someone on my list exactly what they need, when they need it.  I have been told on numerous occasions how I have transformed their lives with these emails.  What I tell them is they have transformed themselves and I am only one tool they use.

Through my journey I have found what excites me and gives me joy and I have been brave enough to take steps to change my life for the better.  This does not mean my life is perfect.  What it means is my life is full and I am grateful for what I have and not upset about what I don’t have.  My job was never my life.  Once I put it in its proper place I was able live a better life.  If you can find a job that you are passionate about that is a bit plus.  Just know your job is still not your life and too much of any one thing is never good.  Balance and gratitude are key.

As for my dog customer soon to be friend, I will talk to her in the near future and share my blog with her.  Hopefully, it will help and she will be able to move forward and find joy.


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