The God Box

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The God Box

I just finished a book written by Mary Lou Quinlan called, “The God Box.” I have been meaning to read it for over a year. Mary Lou created a one woman play about her mother’s “god boxes” and her journey grieving the loss of her mother and father.

 When her mother passed away in 2006 she and her father found multiple boxes with handwritten notes addressed to God. These notes represented life circumstances her mom gave to God to handle. Mary Lou knew of the God Box her mom started 20 years before her passing, but could not imagine what a gift it was to her after her mom’s death. She sifted through all the notes and was able to relive precious memories through her mom. She discovered that she was traveling through her life but not really enjoying or truly experiencing her life. She saw her life through her mother’s notes. She also felt a new appreciation of how special and caring a person her mother was. Because of her mother’s boxes, she was better able to handle the loss of her dad less than 5 years after her mother’s death.

 My partner’s 12 year old son, George, lives with us on the weekends. I have gotten to know and have grown to love this young man as if he were my own son. He shares his concerns and worries with us. He worries if he will get enough sleep, if he will get an “A” on a test, if God will still love him if he misses church or Sunday school. The list seems to change and sometimes grow from week to week. I shared with him the story of the God Box and created one in my home. I explained that by writing his fears and worries down and releasing them to God he would be able to relax and enjoy being 12. The rule is no one goes in the box and reads the notes. I told him I too use “the God Box.” A few weeks ago I watched him put a note in the box. I smiled at him and told him I was proud of him for giving his worries to God.

 He still worries but I think the box gives him some comfort. He does not realize it yet, but he is creating precious memories he will be able to look back on. Hopefully, he will discover how special he truly is and he will discover worrying never solved or prevented anything from happening. Think about all the things you worry about. Could you give them God? Does your worrying stop you from enjoying the here and now? Are you truly living your life or merely waiting for the next good thing to happen? Try the box, see if it helps.



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