You’re Never on the Wrong Path


Over the last few years I have become familiar with the teachings of Caroline Myss.  She is a medical intuitive and has written several books on how our spirit, body and mind are completely connected.  Caroline believes through her research that we are born for a certain path and purpose.  Our spirit knows this path, but if we are not in line with our intuition, we lose site of our path.  Caroline states, “You’re never on the wrong path.  You’re just not managing it well.  You’re making choices that are harming you.  And that’s why it’s hurting right now.  You’re making unwise choices.  And your intuition is trying to tell you that.”

Recently, I read this quote and started putting pieces together in my own life.  I know I am somewhat on the right path, because I awake each morning feeling blessed and happy.  However, I am not happy with some of my limitations due to arthritis.  I know part of my condition is due to genetics, but another part of my condition is due to choices I make every day regarding exercise and diet.  I could and should be doing better in this area.  At the end of the day the choices are always mine.

As you are reading this how do you feel about your own path?  Are you unhappy, unfulfilled?  Maybe it is time to just be still and let your intuition speak to you.

Manage your path!

Linda Scaffidi

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