Embrace Change

Feet 2019

Growing up we moved every two to three years.  I went to five or six different schools and lived in two different states.  Because I did not grow up with traditional roots and a place I can look back at and call home, I have never had trouble adapting to change.

However, I’ve been told most people do not welcome change in their lives.  This seems to be truer the older we get.  The term, being set in our ways, takes hold and meaning in our lives.  I challenge you to take a different look at change.

I have selected a picture of my feet to discuss the meaning of change in my life.  I am now 60 years old, overweight with arthritis everywhere, including my feet.  I took this photo specifically for this blog entry to reflect on the changes my feet have seen.  My feet walked through all the trials of my childhood dealing with a bi-polar mother and my parents ‘dysfunctional marriage and life.  My feet marched in Navy Boot Camp and through 7 years of military service.  My feet walked down the aisle with my dad to marry my husband.  My feet stood at my father’s grave when I was only 27 years old.  My feet walked the floor rocking my baby and proudly stood to watch her graduate high school and college.  My feet walked into a funeral home to see my deceased husband and his forehead in farewell.  My feet stood while he received full military honors at his funeral and many days I stood and cried at his grave site.

My feet took me on the trip of a lifetime to Alaska, where I hiked up a glacier and stepped foot from a helicopter onto a glacier.  My feet have seen Montana, Colorado, Vermont, Maine, Hawaii, California and many other states.  My feet travelled to England and my feet brought me to where I am today.

My feet have seen good times, bad times, difficult times, happy times and sad times.  My feet brought me to the love of my life and continue to show me the way.  I could dwell on the arthritis and wish things were the way they used to be when I was younger, but then I realize all the experiences I have and continue to have are part of my journey.  They continue to mold me and make me more the person I want to be.  So I celebrate my feet, even if they cannot walk as far as they once did, they keep me moving forward and embracing all life has to offer.






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