We All Have the Same 24 Hours Each Day

clear glass with red sand grainer

I have recently been evaluating my life and what I want to continue to accomplish.  Some days I am successful with achieving my daily goals and other days I wonder what happened to the time.  I am sure if you are reading this you ask yourself the same question.  I thought about this statement and realized that Oprah Winfrey, Einstein, Helen Keller, Deepak Chopra, and the list could go on, have the same 24 hours I do.  So what is the difference?

I took time to really think about this statement and realized it is about vision, determination and perseverance in molding our life while being open and embracing change.  It is no secret I continue to struggle with my weight and how the excess pounds place stress on my arthritic joints.  I struggle because I am not setting priorities each day to help me achieve my goal.  My mind claims I want better health, but I am not engaging my spirit to help me with this goal.  I have the same 24 hours each day to make a difference.  It is up to me to decide how to spend my 24 hours.

When I look at my family history I realize it is because of learned behavior from each generation that most of the women in my family are overweight.  My daughter saw what excess weight did to her father and she actively took steps to live a healthier life.  My daughter maintains a healthy weight and keeps active.  Over the years I certainly have achieved some of my goals, but not all of them.  I am sure the same can be said for most people.

As of today I resolve to take better care of my 24 hours by being conscious of what I do with my time each day.  I know I spend too much time on social media.  Social media is anything but social.  I believe it is a time stealer in our lives and we should be aware how much time it takes away from more important and enjoyable events in our lives.  Rather than post my life I would rather live it.  Will you join me?







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