What is a GODWINK?

A few years ago my neighbor and I were sharing life stories.  I shared the story of my husband’s sudden death and how months afterwards people, articles and circumstances came to me helping  me through my grief process.  She immediately called them “GODWINKS.”   The next week she came over with a book entitled, GODWINK Stories, written by Squire Rushnell and Louise Duart.

In Squire’s book he explains; notes, coincidences and people entering and leaving your life are God’s way of sharing wisdom with you in your journey here on earth.  After reading his book along with others, I have come to know for certain GODWINKS are real.

It was only after my husband’s passing did I start to pay attention to what was entering and leaving my life.  I started to play back my life and realized He was always there guiding me and helping me through trials in my life.  One example is the introduction of my dearest friend, Sharon.

Anyone who knows me, knows I had a dysfunctional childhood and an unhealthy relationship with my mother.  Sharon entered my life after my daughter was born as a potential babysitter.  Her husband and mine served in the Navy together.  I was skeptical about leaving my precious girl with someone I did not know, so I went to interview Sharon.  Sharon was 15 years my senior and babysat other children for extra money.  As I came to know she never could have children so this allowed her to nurture and fulfill this void.  As time went on, we became dear friends.  After we moved away I called her every Saturday morning and we spoke for at least an hour, sometimes two hours.  As Angela got older and I encountered challenges in parenting as well as my marriage, she became my sounding board.  She always approached each problem with calmness and great wisdom.  We came to love each other and I considered her my adult mother.  She died in 2009, a year after my husband.  I realized God sent her to me to help me parent better than my mother to break the dysfunctional cycle in our family.  She was also a tremendous help in healing my old wounds with her guidance and love.  Whenever I felt frustrated and wanted to just react, I would call her for calmness and guidance.  After she died I called her husband, Woody each week.  The Saturday conversations continued until his death in 2015.  He and I forged a bond after Sharon passed and I can’t help but think it was God’s way of helping me move on from the loss of my adult mother.  I cherish the relationship I had with both of them.

After reading GODWINK I have come to realize everything that comes to me is meant to guide or heal me in some way.  Pay attention, GODWINKS are all around you.


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