You Can Never Live In The Future

clear glass with red sand grainer

You can think about the future.  You can worry about the future.  You can dream about the future.  But you can never live in the future.

Tomorrow is the future.  You may think about what you have planned for tomorrow, but when you wake up tomorrow it will be today.  You can plan for tomorrow, but you can only live in today.  Every day you have is in the present and not the future.

When I read this in a quote the other day, it stopped me in my tracks.  Most of my life I have been a planner.  I plan days, vacations and events.  Since Richie’s passing I have gotten better in living in the moment, but like so many I take for granted I have plenty of time and years left.  The truth is none of us knows how long we have or how many days left to live, living being the key word.  Now that I am retired I do have the time to enjoy each day.  I still plan out my days, but I also live them.

Stop worrying, planning and dreaming in the future and just relax and live in today.  Because today is truly the only time you have.



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