Live Well! Love Big!

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It is easy to get caught up in all the negativity regarding how people are treated in our country and the ‘us versus them’ mentality being spun out of the White House.  It truly has been hard for me to watch on a daily basis. At the end of the day I only have one vote and this makes me feel helpless to stop the train wreck I continue to watch.

Each morning I start my day with Good Morning America.  The show is not only informative, but uplifting with human interest stories.  This week I watched a story about this topic, Living well and Loving big.  I thought about it and realized that as one person spreading this message could be the key to changing the mood of Americans in our country, my country.  I may not agree with our President and the people surrounding him, but I still and always will love my country and what we truly stand for.  As an American growing up poor I have always believed in the American dream of being and doing anything you set your mind to and to accomplish great things  if you are willing to work hard.  I also believe we are a great country because we can speak our mind and share our opinion.  However, I don’t think this freedom ever gave us the right to be cruel to one another, but here we are. Like so many I don’t agree with what I see right now, but that does not mean I want to leave my beloved America.  I love America and I believe most Americans are good people trying to live a good life.

Being a naval vet I have a good deal of friends whom are veterans.  Even though our political views at this time are polar opposite, I do still value them as friends and fellow veterans and I acknowledge their right to their beliefs and thoughts.

I am tired of being upset at what is going on at our borders and in some of our poorest neighborhoods.  I want to start a movement of love and understanding.  What does this look like?  I want to get up each morning with the purpose of living my best life and loving big, not only loving my family and close friends, but realizing we all have a journey and a story.  I know growing up in Irvington/Newark, New Jersey I had a not so complimentary view of people of color living in my neighborhood.  After I joined the Navy I was able to see a variety of people and realized that putting an entire class of people in a box was not only judgmental, but was wrong.  This is how hate starts and how it gets its fuel.  It is hard to hate one person up close, but easy to hate an entire class or race of people.  I want to and strive to do better.

Starting today I want to live each day to the fullest.  I want to love BIG!  The next time someone cuts me off on the road I will not take it personally.  It has nothing to do with me.  Make a small difference in someone’s life by maybe paying for someone’s groceries or toll, buying a stranger a cup of coffee or just smiling first.  Don’t accept less than ethical behavior from your leaders, even if you agree with some of their policy changes.  Integrity should always be important and expected from everyone.  Start living your life from a positive and loving direction.  When we do this it has no choice but to create a ripple effect to everyone around you.  It starts with me and it starts with you.  Let’s start a movement!!!




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