“I am”

Today I needed to be still and rest in the quietness of my home.  George is off at the office and I am left with the peace of my home.  I decided to sit and reflect on how I feel and what I want going forward.

I believe when we sit in the stillness our higher power speaks to us.  I am in the process of reading The Mueller Report.  I put it down and picked up another book I have been reading entitled, The Path Made Clear, by Oprah Winfrey.  The book is a series of short insights from others in what they have learned and continue to learn on this path called ‘life.’  I came across a line from Joel Osteen, pastor, “I am” is what we’re inviting into our life.”  He goes on to state some examples; I am lonely, I am frustrated, I am tired, I am stressed.  I realized in this quiet moment I too was bringing unwanted emotions into my life.

After sitting with this information, I realized I tell myself  I am frustrated with our political discourse and I am frustrated and discouraged with my present physical condition of obesity.  The key words are frustrated and discouraged.  By repeatedly feeling these words I am inviting more of these feelings into my life each day.  It was in this moment I sat down to write this blog entry and evaluate what I can do to change the “I am” in my life.  By focusing on the negative aspects of our society I am creating the discouragement and frustration in my life.  When I picked up Oprah’s book I was reminded how much good there is still in our world and how one smile or positive thought can change a person’s day.  As for my weight I only need to accept where I am right now and realize when you know better, you do better.  I am a product of my past life experiences and I always have the choice to take a different path.  The key word is choice.

I am glad I chose to sit in my quiet today and let my higher power speak to my spirit and help me to start to change my “I am.”  I hope this helps you change yours.





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