Choose Hope

The last two nights I have been watching the Democratic debates with my stepson.  After we watched the debates last night I asked his opinion of the candidates and the content of the questions answered.  His opinion both surprised and saddened me.

My stepson stated climate change as the most important issue for him and no one seems to know what to do or is willing to take the drastic measures immediately to try and turn this around.  He is very much into science and he lacks hope because life as we know it in the United States and all first world countries depends on fossil fuel.   He further explained that even by going to total electric cars, the batteries require further damage to our environment to make them.  In essence he claims there is no hope on the horizon for his future as our environment as we know it will be destroyed.  I tried to reassure him that without hope there is no possibilities.


I thought about our conversation last night and realized I will always choose hope.  I have to believe we as a nation can lead the turnaround and we can overcome this issue as we have overcome so many in the past.  But even if we can’t stop climate change, we have to live in hope.  The alternative means we stop living and stop trying.


I choose hope.



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