Living My Dreams – Are You?


Funny as I have aged so has my idea of living my dreams.  When I was a teen I wanted to be a lawyer.  I remember my father telling me to be a nurse or a teacher like other girls.  I also dreamed of having a family of my own and raising a daughter.  I did have a raise my daughter.  I never became I lawyer.  There was a time I dreamed of being a successful dog trainer.  I never became a successful dog trainer.  I dreamed of going to Alaska and I did.

Some of my earlier dreams came true and some did not.  When I look back I see that I made decisions that helped me arrive at where I am today.  I am living my dream, even if I did not know I was truly dreaming about what I have now.  I have a true partner in life, two wonderful children, a beautiful home, great friends, my health and each day is about enjoying what I have and who I have in my life.  By taking the scary step of leaving my job and retiring I have been able to find true peace and contentment in my life.

At the end of the day, peace and contentment was my dream all along.  That is what I was searching for and what I found.  I did not realize by making the decisions I made I was getting closer and closer to the underlying goal we all truly want.  Yes, I will still travel from time to time and enjoy new experiences, but my life is truly grand right this minute.  I plan to enjoy it as long as it lasts.

Are you living your dream?



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