Embrace the Ordinary


Kezar Lake 2017 Canvas 3Recently, I had my old VHS tapes converted to digital content.  I was able to revisit my daughter as a toddler and young child.  I also watched my husband’s retirement ceremony from the U. S. Navy.  In watching all these past experiences I was struck how quickly time passed and how I so appreciate these moments more now than I did when I was living them.

We want our children to live extraordinary lives and we too wished the same for ourselves when we were younger.  What I have come to realize is how extraordinary an ordinary life is.  I was just living an ordinary life, completing daily tasks, experiencing special moments with my husband and daughter.  Looking back on my life so far I realize I am living an extraordinary life.

Today I look out my window and enjoy the look of the evergreen trees.  I enjoy listening to music from the 1960’s and let my mind wander back in time to picnics, summer barbecues, hide and seek during summer nights.  I relish my time on my front porch watching beautiful sunsets while enjoying an evening glass of wine or a cold beer.  I take pride in the beauty of my home and even celebrate my accomplishment of cleaning out the refrigerator today.

We all live extraordinary lives.  We only realize it when we celebrate the ordinary.  Today, celebrate your ordinary.


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