Let’s Put Social back in Social Media


I don’t know about you, but I am tired of political ads and everyone’s negative opinions on everything people say or do on social media.  Everyone believes their opinion counts, even if it was not solicited.  I have to admit I have too been guilty of this behavior.

When Mark Zukerberg started Facebook/Instagram, I believe he just wanted a platform to bring people together.  Unfortunately, it has morphed into hateful and harmful behavior.  Facebook is not the problem, we are, humans.  But, we collectively have the power to change our behavior and create positive environments around us.

Therefore, I am proposing we put “social” back into “social media.”  From today I vow to only give my opinion when it is truly asked and even then I will be respectful with my response.  I will skip over all political, hateful and harmful content.  I will not seek news from social media, but from valid news sources.  I will acknowledge that tweets are not facts, even if delivered by political powers.  I will only post and share items such as recipes or shared events in my life.

If we all make this promise of civility and respect while on social media, maybe it will become social once again.



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