Allowing Change Brings Joy!


It is true most people are uncomfortable with change.  This is very prevalent in the workplace when trying to implement any change.  But, the truth is when we allow and surrender to change, this is when joy arrives in our life.

Happiness is different than joy.  Happiness usually occurs when all things are going well in one’s life.  However, joy can and does exist with acceptance and surrender.  Joy is the feeling of gratitude no matter what the circumstance you find yourself in.  To know each change arriving in your life is meant to teach, strengthen or move you closer to your journey’s purpose.

We assume when we become close to someone or fall in love with someone it is forever.  However, the truth is most people we meet don’t stay in our lives forever.  I believe each person comes into our life for the length of time they are meant to be there, whether it is to teach us something or us to teach them something to continue on with our journey called life.  We are sad or angry when someone leaves us and cannot understand why and sometimes will not accept the end of a relationship.

But, if we change our mindset and truly accept change as inevitable in our life, we start the true journey to joy and peace.  Change is inevitable.  Enjoy the positive moments and embrace the negative changes as time for growth and learning and just be grateful for the moment you find yourself in each day.



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