Who Are We?

Who are we?  How have we gotten to this place?  Civility should matter.  Faith in our government should matter.  However, it appears only the loudest voice at the top matters.  I am not a Republican, Democrat, Liberal or a Conservative.  I am an American.  Like all others someone left another land to come here for a better and freer life.  I want good schools, affordable healthcare, freedom to speak my mind and question my leaders.  I want a safe place to live, clean water and air and hope for the future of our children.

However, I feel these wants are in jeopardy because a portion of our population believes our President when he claims any government official that disagrees with him is corrupt and the media when questioning him and asking the tough questions is corrupt.  Our President has convinced a good portion of the population that making deals with dictators and bullying our allies is in the best interest of our country.  He has convinced people that separating children from their parents at the border is just.  He does not have to back any statement he makes with facts, of which he does not have.

Our President has been successful in convincing his supporters that our intelligence community, legislative branch and judicial system are all corrupt and only he knows best.  Would this not be the start of a dictatorship?  Each branch of our government has a duty to keep each branch governing fairly.  Now our President claims he will not participate in the debate process.  I want answers.  I want facts.  I do not want to elect my leader based on soundbites and rallies.

I am scared for our country.  I am scared that people who support Trump have no problem with him rolling back environmental safeguards and human rights to women and immigrants.  I am worried he strong arms reporters when they ask tough questions, rather than answer the questions and back them with facts.  I am worried that he governs via Twitter and insults people and governments who do not compliment him.  I am worried he governs with no plan and does not surround himself with competent personnel.

As of the date of this letter our President has lied over 16,000 times since taking office.  Really, is this who we are and who we want running our country?  I thought we were better than this.  I thought we valued honesty, civility and integrity.  But evidence is showing me a good segment likes the fact he is a bully.  I wonder if they will still support him when their 401K starts to shrink or the stock market balloon bursts.  I wonder if they will support him when they can no longer afford homeowner’s insurance because of weather related matters due to climate change.  I wonder if they will still support him when the debt of our country can no longer be paid off because it is too big.  Will they still support him when we are led into another war because of his Twitter account or spur of the moment quick decision without evidence.

I am afraid for our country as democracy is precious and needs to be protected and cherished for our future generations.


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