This Too Shall Pass

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I have been extremely upset over the past month watching the impeachment trial unfold.  No matter what side of the political dialog you fall, it was clear to me our government did not do its job.  I am tired of witnessing the constant divisiveness in our country.  Politics can no longer be discussed among friends or family.  Each side must stay in their prospective corners to keep the peace.  If history has taught us anything is this too will pass.

I have a dear friend of 40 years.  She and I served in the Navy together.  We have been there for each other and love and respect one another.  However, she is totally supportive of President Trump and I believe he is the most corrupt president we have ever had in my lifetime.   Today I received a surprise card and digital picture book of our trip to NYC last November.  I called her to thank her for her gift and we expressed how much we care for each other.  At no time did politics or the state of the country come into our conversation.  What I realized during this call was I do not want any political party or figure to come between me and the people I care about.

I know there are many couples, friends and family members have been torn apart over the events of the past 3 years.  But, if we continue down the path of staying in our corners and not reaching out to each other with compassion and respect, then the corrupt powers will win and we will lose what makes America truly great, our diversity and freedom to be who we were meant to be.

So, after speaking with my dear friend I have chosen to take the side of compassion and realization that her opinion is just as important as my opinion.  Presidents will come and go and we will continue to survive if we just remember what we truly stand for as a country.  This too shall pass.


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