Being Positive Is Hard

I would like to apologize for not blogging the last two weeks.  I don’t usually have a problem deciding on a topic to write about.  However, in our current political and divisive climate I have found it difficult to stay hopeful and positive for our future as a nation.  I believe we have some hard lessons ahead as collectively we have taken our democracy and freedoms for granted.  But, I don’t want to focus on this as my blog is titled,‘beapositive.’

Over the past days I have been really focusing on just being the best human being I know how to be.  I can only control my thoughts and actions.  Even though I don’t understand the choice half our country has made in following this President, I cannot control their thoughts or choices.  Instead, I have decided to focus on my blessings and the people close to me.  When I leave my house I make it a point to smile to others and engage in conversation about things we have in common, our family, our home and our dreams.

I just tell myself whatever comes my way I will be able to handle it.  What choice do I have?  Let’s be kind to one another during this time and set a positive example for our children.


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