Different Journeys – Same Destination


All of us are on our own journeys.  Some are difficult.  Some are very painful.  Some are joyful and satisfying and yet others appear very uneventful.  The commonality is we all have a journey while occupying this earth.  But, did you ever think about the destination?

Our country is going through a very difficult time in history.  We are more polarized than ever.  We are taking our democracy for granted while our leadership is taking more and more power away from us by creating false narratives about how our government should and does work.  But, I don’t want this blog to be a political statement.  I just want to bring to one’s attention the fact we are in different lanes on different paths.

I believe we have all been put here to learn and/or teach something.  It is only then that we will find fulfillment within ourselves.  Each of us takes a long time, if ever, to find our path and our sense of fulfillment, while others find certainty at an early age.  However, at the end of our life we end up at the same place, death and transition to a new way of being.  This is the common denominator for all of us.  We end up at the same place.

Because our destinations are the same it is our priority to not just live our journey, but to enjoy the trip and live each day to the fullest.  Take time each day to just be, just breathe and find the joy and blessings surrounding you.  Even in difficult times you can find something each day to be grateful for.  I could focus on getting older, arthritis and how it is winning, not being able to walk great distances anymore.  But, instead, I focus on the great love I have in my life in my partner, my stepson and daughter and the joy each of them brings me.  The comfort, warmth and beauty of my home and the ability to craft beautiful things to brighten another’s day.  These are the things I focus on each and every day.

When I arrive at my destination I want to feel content with a life well-lived and a journey that was worth taking.  I hope you feel the same.


One thought on “Different Journeys – Same Destination

  1. Linda.. It’s morning and I’ve just finished reading this post… over a great cup of coffee .. I’ve been mulling over your comments and it feels like you have taken a broom and swept the pathway clear for the rest of the morning… thanks


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