Hawaii – COVID-19 – Home Sweet Home!

George and I Sunset Lava Lava

We left for our 17 day vacation on March 11, 2020.  We arrived in Carlsbad, California to spend 3 days and visit with a friend.  This is when all the closings began.  We seemed to be one step ahead of shutdowns in California.  We left for the Big Island of Hawaii on March 14, 2020.  We had invited friends of ours to join us in my Hilton Timeshare.  Again, the virus had not arrived in Hawaii as of this date.  We visited Hapuna Beach, anticipating many days of enjoyment here.  But, the first case appeared on March 15th and the beaches and state parks were promptly closed.  Restaurants remained open until March 20th and promptly closed to takeout only.  We kept up-to-date daily on CNN and local news.  On March 23rd I saw the writing on the wall and made the decision to change our flight and leave on March 24th instead of our original date of March 28th.  Our flight was delayed by 10 hours due to a shortage of flight crews, but we were able to leave at 11:30 pm on March 24th and arrived in Philadelphia at 3:40 pm on March 25th.

Our vacation became stressful towards the end and we were very conscience of social distancing and making sure our hands were thoroughly washed and the trays on airplanes wiped down.  When we arrived at the Philadelphia airport it was completely empty of passengers and no planes were leaving.  I could not believe the roads were empty incoming to the airport as well.

When we arrived home I now could take a breath.  I was safe in my virus free home and I was close to my craft room, my great stress reliever.  I am grateful that my family is safe and healthy.  I continue to pray we stay that way.  I know we will weather the storm and I will continue to look for the good and lesson in this situation.  I will focus my efforts in using my talents to bring joy and comfort to others.  I would ask anyone reading this story to try not to focus on the problem, but focus on the solution and use your own gifts to give to those around you to alleviate worry and stress.

If we all stick to together we will survive and move on.  This we can learn from the animal kingdom.  We are only as strong as our weakest link.  So we need to help the weakest link if we can.  I will continue to what I can within the realm of my life.  At the end of each day that is all we can do.

Stay safe


P. S. Wash your hands!

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