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I am sure you were very curious regarding this statement.  You are probably feeling trapped in your home. If you lost your job, you may be worried about how you will pay your bills and put food on your table.  You are feeling separated from your extended family.  Yes, all these circumstances are true for most people trying to survive physically, mentally and financially from the virus.  But, what if you looked at your circumstances with a different mindset?

During this time we have all been forced to slow down.  We have been forced to look for ways to entertain our children.  We are now spending quality time with the ones we love.  We are not distracted from our normal daily activities.  We are craving the need to connect instead of disconnect.  We are taking time to focus on the things and people that are truly and have always been important, but we lost sight of what really matters to us.  A lot of us have put the phone down and played a game, read a book or just learned something new.

If you are one of millions who has lost your job, know you are not alone and because so many find themselves in the same circumstance, it is possible to receive help and forgiveness from landlords, mortgage companies and creditors.  You have the time to make calls or utilize your computer to take control of your circumstance.  As for putting food on the table, there are numerous organizations in your areas to go get food to keep you going.

What we must remember is there are more truly good people in this situation and we will get through this together as a united people.  The virus does not care about race, religion or political party.  Maybe we should take a cue from this and just see each other a human, trying to survive.

Once the country returns to normal you may look back on this time and see the positives of slowing down and treasuring what is important in your life.  If you are smart you will make changes to keep some of the positives alive.

You can be anything.  Choose to be KIND!

Bless Everyone during this time,




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