Mindset Counts

beach woman sunrise silhouette

We continue with our self-isolation to control the spread of COVID-19.  Some of you may be going crazy as this is so foreign to your normal schedule.  Some of you may be welcoming the slowing down and quiet time.  Yet, others are experiencing loneliness and severe isolation.  Whatever your circumstances, your mindset counts.

Mindset is the way you see a situation.  Fighting any situation, in which, you are not in control is a waste of energy.  Instead, try to go with the situation until you have the ability to change or leave it.  An example of this is childbirth.  When labor starts the pain is bearable.  However, as labor progresses and the pain is more intense the mother’s instinct is to tense up.  This exacerbates the pain.  However, when the mother relaxes her muscles, breathes slowly and relaxes the pain lessens.  She goes with the pain instead of against the pain.

The same practice can be applied to any situation.  By relaxing, breathing slowly and looking for positives in your situation, you can lessen the severity and thereby, make it more manageable.

As we continue with our distancing think about how you may make a difference in another person’s life.  Send a note via snail mail; this helps the postal service as well.  If you are able, donate to a local or national food bank.  If you are in need of food, reach out to neighbors, family and/or friends to find out where you can obtain what you need.  If you have a computer, utilize social media to connect with people and maybe brighten another person’s day.  We all have options and choices.  Take the time to think outside the box and make a difference.  When we reach out to help someone else, it enriches our lives.

Stay strong, stay safe!


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