60 Days, Still Counting Blessings Not Days!


don t panic text on tissue paper
Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

We left for vacation to Hawaii on March 11, 2020, just as the state of Pennsylvania was being shut down for COVID-19.  We managed to enjoy all but 5 days of our two week journey and opted to return early as everything was beginning to shut down in Hawaii.  While travelling home we were careful to practice social distancing and hand washing.  When we arrived in Philadelphia, the airport was deserted.  We were the only arriving flight and the road in and out of the airport, which was usually bustling with traffic, was empty.  We knew life as we know it had changed.

Since being home my only weekly trip has been to the grocery store and to the mailbox.  I am in the high risk category regarding the effects of the virus, so I have been contributing money to food banks and making homemade cards for friends and essential workers.  We have been ordering takeout from local businesses once a week to keep our community going during this time.

It has now been 60 days since stay at home measures of our state.  I have only counted these days as of this morning for this blog.  Each day I count my blessings for what I have in my life.  I am healthy, physically and mentally.  I do not get stressed easily and I keep worry to a minimum.  Through the years I have discovered worry only robs you of your joy, it does not prevent bad things from happening.  I instead focus on at least one good thing in my life every day.  I have a circle of people who love me.  I love to create and have found ways to share my creativity with others in hopes to bring peace and joy to other people’s lives.  This is what I truly want my legacy to be.

You may be looking forward to getting back to normal.  This has been a major event for the human race.  I believe we will have a new normal.  What I know for sure is change is the only constant.  The secret to living a healthy and fulfilled life is to embrace rather than reject change.  I look forward to our new normal and I will adapt accordingly.

Stay safe and stay strong.  Each day try to find one positive thing in your life and focus on that.  Think about what your own legacy might be.  Remember, none of us get out of this alive.  We all share the commonality of birth and death.  We get to choose how we live the in between.


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