Our Country In Crisis – How to Survive with Grace!

As a lot of Americans I watch the news every morning and evening.   Although, I am not a fan of our president, I don’t believe he is the cause of our problems as a nation, but merely a symptom.  There appeared to be a good deal of divide and discourse before he took office.  The fire was already smoldering, he just supplied the gasoline to ignite the flame.

We cannot control some circumstances we find ourselves in, but we always have the ability to control how we react to these circumstances.  I have no control over the pandemic and how it was and is handled.  However, I do have control over my immediate environment, wearing a mask, washing my hands and limiting my exposure to crowded spaces.  I can greet people in the grocery store with a smile in my eyes and a kind word.  I can make and send out cards to people I care about and thanks to my essential workers and first responders.  Most important, I can choose to not share hate on social media.  If I do decide to share an article regarding important news, I do make sure it has come from a reliable news source and has been fact checked.

Unfortunately, the leadership our country so desperately needs right now does not exist at the top.  Therefore, I believe it is our responsibility to be the leadership we need.  It is our responsibility  to come together and spread understanding, not hate.  I am not a black person living in America, but I certainly can understand their frustration of being treated differently and in some cases unfairly then the white population and only being heard when they riot.  In seeing white men show up to protest with their guns in hand, no masks and yelling in close proximity into police officers’ face, I too can understand their frustration of not being able to support their families during this pandemic and the pain they must feel.  In each case it is about the frustration of feeling like they are not heard or seen.  If only they could see the pain in each other.

I know there will be some that read this and think I am wrong regarding the leadership we so desperately need and don’t have, but we all have the ability and responsibility to vote in November.  I want to be part of a solution to heal our nation and try to put civility back into our society.  I want to live my life with grace.  I want to survive this time and come out the other side knowing I showed kindness and understanding.  Some days it is difficult as I too feel frustrated with the anger and lack of empathy in our society, but then I just remind myself to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.  I remind myself to live with grace.


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