Coronavirus and Kindness

Like a lot of Americans and people all over the world I have been sheltering in place for 3 months.  I have watched southern and western states open too early and now we are seeing a spike in cases.  Now that my state is opening I too see the majority of people not wearing masks.  I believe this is because their mindset is telling them, because they are healthy the virus won’t have a great effect on them.  However, they don’t think how the virus would affect me.

I am over 60 and obese.  Therefore, I am in the high risk category for complications from coronavirus.  Because of the lack of consideration by so many I do not feel it is safe for me to be out enjoying restaurants, the boardwalk and I even feel a bit uncomfortable at the beach.  We have decided to only go to the beach on a weekday when the crowds are less.  We do not go to the boardwalk because no one wears a mask.   Even with my mask I am still at a risk because so many are not wearing a mask.  My daughter was at the shore all week with friends and I am sure she did not really practice social distancing or wearing a mask.  So I will make a decision not to see her for at least 2 weeks.

I watch the people protesting about having their rights taken away because they have to wear a mask.  They do not realize it is the kind thing to do to protect their loved ones and other’s loved ones.  I feel until we have a vaccine I am trapped in limbo because so many refuse to be kind and compassionate.

I see the mask as a way of telling someone they matter.



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