The Mask Is Freedom!

people wearing face mask for protection
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Like me I am sure you have seen a lot of headlines of people refusing to wear a mask to stop the spread of COVID-19 because they don’t want their freedoms/liberties taken away.  But, do they stop and think by not wearing a mask they have taken my freedoms/liberties away?  I will explain.

I am 61 years old with underlying medical conditions making my body ripe for complications and possible death from this virus.  Because a percentage of our country does not want to take this matter seriously and wants to conduct themselves as if there is no virus they have taken away my freedom of moving around in our society for fear of being exposed to this virus.  As Americans we could learn some lessons of kindness and cooperation from other countries.  Where did our kindness and civility go?  When I wear my mask I know I make the employees in my supermarket feel safer.  I know I feel safer going in public when others are maintaining their distance and wearing masks.

The mask does not mean you can’t be social, quite the opposite is true.  For the time-being the mask allows you to be social.  It allows all people to participate in our society.  I view the states now rolling back their openings because of surging cases and if only people would take this seriously as our new normal, we could put people back to work and start conducting business while keeping the majority of us safe and maintaining freedom for all; not just freedom for the selfish.

So the next time you don’t feel like wearing your mask because you feel you cannot be free to make that decision, know you have stripped me of my freedom to feel safe.

In a country where you could be anything, choose to be KIND!

Have a happy and safe July 4th


2 thoughts on “The Mask Is Freedom!

  1. You see, that argument can be used by everyone. I can say, if everyone would drive the way I want, I’ll feel safer, and so will others who have difficulty driving and those who want to drive 10 miles under the speed limit, keeping two seconds from the car in front, everyone asking the other to go first at stops, and such. One can say that if I think people shouldn’t look at me funny. It stresses me out (I’m kidding of course.). So all people should think about my feelings. One can say that about just about anything in life. Can you imagine if we all did things, or didn’t, because there might be one person out there we might offend or stress? We’d all have to stay home, never going out, and be as quiet as a mouse. **The thing is, everyone has opinions. But the foundations of this country are freedom, liberty, responsibility, but not perfect safety. Or should we end NASCAR, construction, or other things because someone might get hurt?


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