Speaking Out Against Injustice – Our Duty as Americans

With the recent death of John Lewis I felt the need to pay tribute to him and his courage this week.  He, like all of us, was just an ordinary American.  He was a black man growing up in the south in America.  He saw injustice for his people and spoke out.  He marched with Martin Luther King and was beaten for his defiance of injustice.  Our country was founded on speaking out and fighting for the freedoms we enjoy today.

But over the last decade there has been a decay of these freedoms.  As Americans we seem to have complacent regarding our freedoms and take for granted our democracy will always be here.  This could not be further from the truth.  Democracy takes work.  Democracy takes courage and belief in the freedom of all Americans.  We were once known as the beacon on a hill.  We stood for welcoming the unfortunate and we stood for compassion for others.  I would like to believe we could still be that beacon on a hill.

Make no mistake our government is not working for us right now and we are to blame for it.  We so take for granted the right to vote that many of us have not voted.  As a result what we are left with is what a minority of people want in this country instead seeing a government with the heart and determination the majority of this country wants and needs.

In my opinion, we are seeing the starts of a civil war in this country being instigated by our leader.  I am standing up and speaking out as I want this country to wake up and take back our democracy.  I want us to get to a place where the color of a person’s skin or their ethnic back ground should not determine how they are treated, but their character should be the final determination.  What we have in the White House does not represent me or my beliefs and I suspect does not represent most of America, but a choice few.

I am calling for all to rise up and stand up for justice, morals and ethics.  Let’s get back to being the beacon on the hill and do John Lewis, Elijah Cummings and John McCain proud.  These were men with convictions, courage and a strong moral compass.  Vote!!!


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