The Election Cannot Come Soon Enough!

I just finished watching the Democratic Convention this week.  I was very impressed with Joe Biden’s vision for our country and I truly feel he can give us the calmness and civility we are lacking right now.  I will watch the Republican Convention more to see what message is being given and why people still feel the need to follow such a poor leader.

Sadly, I have found myself seeing people I have known over 30 years differently.  I am questioning the true moral compass of some people I call friend.  This President stands for nothing I believe in as a human being.  Take party lines out of the mix and this man still falls very short presenting the nation I want to be proud of.  I am trying very hard to stay hopeful and non-judgmental of those around me.  I am reminding myself, that true freedom is allowing others to have an opinion extreme and opposite of you and knowing we must co-exist equally.  It is truly hard to be an American right now.

This has been the reason for less frequent blogging as it has been hard to maintain a positive attitude when I see such division and lack of cooperation and coming together for the common good.  Our very election and democracy is in danger and only half of America sees this.  The other half appears to be win at all costs.  I could be wrong about this and truly I hope I am, but I just feel our country and what we used to stand for is truly at jeopardy and other than vote I am not sure what else I can do.  I am sorry my blog this week is not a more positive message, but this is how I am feeling at the moment.  Are there others out there?  I would love to hear your comments.

Staying strong


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