We just remembered 9/11/01 in the USA.  As every year I watch all the specials remembering that day so as not to forget the magnitude of what our country experienced that day.  The incredible fear and sadness we felt.  My husband was a firefighter at the time and lost 2 of his fellow firefighters at ground zero.  I could not stop watching the news day after day and week after week.  But, yesterday I felt a new emotion of longing for our country.  I remembered how we felt on 9/12/2001.

On September 12th, 2001, unlike today, we were Americans.  We were not black, white, Asian, Hispanic, democrat or republican, just American.  We hung our American Flag on most houses across America.  The manufacturers of flags could not keep up with the demand to own one.  We were proud and united that day.  We were compassionate, caring and generous, we were what people should be.  We were the best of ourselves. 

As I watched Good Morning America this day, 9/12/2020 I longed for that day in 2001.  We are not the best of ourselves, but the worst of ourselves as Americans.  We are tribal and divided.  Some of us have embraced corruption in our government to push our personal narrative of Us and Them.  People I have called my friends for over 40 years don’t resemble the people I thought I knew.  When I see a Trump flag or a MAGA hat I only see hate and division.  Where did our compassion go?  Where did the United States of America go?  How do we get it back?  I know what you may be thinking, why can’t I see ‘their’ side of this?  Why can’t I embrace the difference of opinion?  I can’t because I can see how these decisions are affecting my safety and my freedoms, as well as the countless freedoms of those less fortunate them me.

How did a global pandemic become political rather than a health issue?  Why is a mask associated with fear and weakness, instead of kindness and compassion for one another?  I know why and I think if you are reading this you know why too.  It is time to take back our country.  It is time to return integrity back to our government.  It is time!

I want my country back.  I want to again say I am PROUD to be an American.  I hope as a nation we can find our way back to being the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, known as the beacon on the hill.  That is what I long for.


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