Apology to the World

I know this blog is supposed to support a positive attitude and spread good will. Honestly, with the virus and the corruption in our government process I am not feeling very positive. Our democracy is considered the Great American Experiment. Unfortunately, it is being threatened from foreign powers and (in my opinion) by our own president. I am afraid for our country because I think our citizens have taken for granted the freedoms we have fought so hard for.

Our memories appear to be short regarding equal rights for ALL. Women have forgotten that as recently as the 1970’s women could not get a credit card in their names, buy a home without a man, serve equally in the military and elsewhere. Women were not even allowed to make decisions regarding their own reproductive rights. There was a time when inter-racial marriage was illegal, a woman could be fired just for merely being pregnant. Our democracy is not perfect and we still have a long way to go to accept people purely on character and not on race, gender or religious beliefs. America is hard because you have to respect the rights of hate groups to voice their opinions even if you oppose them. However, I believe Americans have become complacent and lazy in search for facts and answers.

It appears strange to me that before this president we did not have terms like fake news, alternative facts and hoax and these terms only apply to news media and agencies that do not share his message. He is undermining our belief in the FDA and CDC by interfering and contradicting science. Americans forget we fought in WWII to defeat such a dangerous and corrupt leader in Germany, who used the very same tactics.

I am afraid for this Great American Experiment in November because our president is now creating doubt in our trusted election process and is threatening to contest the results if he does not win. America please wake up and protect all we hold so dear. Media’s job is to uncover inconsistencies and report what is happening. Their job is not to merely convey the president’s message and not confront him when necessary. Our medical agencies are there to research and protect the public, not push the president’s agenda and to make him look good for an election. Our election process is for we the people to select our leaders. Donald Trump does not rule this country, we do. I apologize to the world watching America truly fight a civil war and being destroyed from within.

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