Republicans and Democrats (Us and Them)

Liberals and Conservatives (Us and Them)

Conservative Media and Mainstream Media (Us and Them)

Black Americans, Asian Americans, Latino Americans,

White Americans (Us and Them)

Catholics, Evangelicals, Muslims, Jews, Atheists (Us and Them)

Red States, Blue States, Purple States (Us and Them)

How did we get here?

We need leaders to bring us back together.  We need a mindset

To bring us back together.  At the end of each day we want the

same things.  We want a clean, safe environment.  We want

Good schools for our children. We want to be able to support our families.

 We want to know when we get sick we can get good healthcare.

 We want a better life for our children then we have had.  We want to receive

compassion and love.  We as Americans want these things

regardless of where we live.  Know that Russia is loving the divide and internal

civil war being played out in America. 

Truth is we are Americans.  Not red states, not blue states, not us and them.

 Just Americans!  

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