Choose Hope Over Hopelessness!

Every day I am amazed over the utter chaos and divide in our country right now. I called my stepson to touch base on his college experience as well as to see how he is doing since he does battle with anxiety. He indicated how he feels a sense of hopelessness regarding the upcoming election and if we will make any progress on climate change. He feels his future is bleak. Sad commentary coming from someone who is only 18 years old.

I shared with him how recently I have had some of the same feelings and even spent an afternoon in my craft room crying for this country and all that are suffering due to climate changes, lack of leadership with the virus and death and illness of loved ones because of this virus. Then I shared with him how I engage my thoughts instead my heart in feelings of despair and make an active decision to choose hope over hopelessness. When we choose hope there is room for action and possible change. When we choose hopelessness, we have already chosen to do nothing and opt out to be part of any solution. I further explained that he may be that one person to be the catalyst for true change. He could be that person to move our world forward. He certainly has the intelligence, but more important he possesses a great moral compass and an excellent sense of empathy. If anyone can facility change it is him.

So if you are reading this and feel hopeless and defeated, you are not alone. But, choose hope and be part of positive moving forward. No one knows what will happen today or tomorrow, all we can do is get up, breathe in and out and live our day to the best of our ability. Join me in Hope!


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