COVID and Family

George and I have been keeping abreast of information regarding virus cases, deaths and medical information to help keep us and others safe.  We discussed the upcoming holiday season and decided we would have small groups of 5 or less and require masks and social distancing during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

My daughter is a general manager of a restaurant and therefore involved with the public daily. She is has been travelling for showers and weddings as well.  I informed her of our decision regarding the holiday and she has opted not to come.  We also discussed this matter with George’s sister and she too has opted to go to their brother’s house has these guidelines will not be followed.  We discussed a Zoom Christmas Eve with my brother and sister-in-law and they thought that would be a very good idea to spend time together at a distance.  These are the choices we are forced to make to keep ourselves and those we love safe from this virus.

Our leaders have made this virus political and therefore we must suffer longer than should be necessary.  If we were all on the same page we would be able to see and enjoy family and friends while maintaining good public health practices until a vaccine can be developed.  It saddens me how some see the mask as an infringement on their rights to be free and do what they want instead of a way to keep all safe during this time.  Parts of our family have chosen freedom over protection. 

The over 9 million infected and 230,000 deaths is not just a number.  These are lives and loved ones.  Our country is on fire and our people are suffering, yet 50% of our citizens see this as an overblown story and they do not want to be inconvenienced.  The scary thing is none of us truly knows how our bodies will deal with this virus.  Some of our family members believe they are safe and if they do get it, it will be minor and they will get better and move on.  However, they do not know that for sure and they could be infecting someone who is not so lucky.

I am hopeful that our country’s democracy and health will once again be strong and I look forward to better days ahead.  I do not see the mask as political oppression, but merely has a tool to keep my fellow Americans and myself safe during this crisis.

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