Seasons In Life

We are born in the Spring of our life.  We start with parent(s) and family.  These people are put in place to teach us what we need to know and protect us from the world until we obtain the ability to protect ourselves.  As we blossom through Spring, we acquire some friends to sprinkle into our lives for growth.  Some will continue with us through the subsequent seasons, but most will move into their own directions as we do as well.  

If we are lucky all family and some friends will accompany us into Summer (early adulthood).  However, as we become more of who we are meant to be we discover some people, including family, are not healthy for us to continue our journey of life.  This does not mean we did not or do not care for them.  It just means we are different people and need to move into a different direction.  This was true for me regarding my mother and a close childhood friend.  As a felt more comfortable in my own skin I discovered these people were y toxic to me.  Through a process of self-growth, I decided to disassociate myself from these two individuals as well as other family members.  Through the years the same is true to others distancing themselves from me.  The Summer is the time you experience adult growing pains.  It is a time to start truly exploring who you are and what your interests are.  It is also a time to solidity your belief system.  This may coincide with your core family and friends or take you in a totally different direction.

Now that I am in the Fall season of my life I can look back and see how and why some people are still with me, some have left, and some have entered into this portion of my life.  I believe we attract the people we need to help us grow.  Not all people who enter will have a positive influence, nor should they.  I believe these are the people who truly teach us the most if we allow it.

I am grateful for all the people who have entered and left my life as I continue my journey.  I hope you are too. Linda

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