Thanksgiving 2020 – What I am Thankful For

Our year started as any other year with bringing in the new year 2020.  We celebrated with good food, friends and watching the ball drop at midnight.  Little did we know it would be a year like no other.  Already a virus was invading our land.  Our President knew of the virus and the seriousness but downplayed it and seriously delayed any reaction to control its effects.  We are now 10 months into this virus, and it is running out of control in our nation.  Watching the extensive travelling over the summer and the presidential rallies claiming the media was making too big a deal of the situation and we were rounding the corner was infuriating.  Now our hospitals and healthcare workers are overwhelmed with the holiday season in full swing.  Still I am hopeful and grateful during this dark time in our nation.

We heeded the warnings of the CDC and had a gathering at home with just 4 of us.  When my stepson came home from college last week, we wore masks around each other and socially distanced until we knew being around each other was safe.  We only have one other older friend in our home, who lives alone and does not get out except to come to our home.  Now that COVID is out of control all over the country we are back to only takeout dining and drives in the country.  This will be our life until Spring when a vaccine is on the horizon. 

This Thanksgiving I am more thankful than ever for my health, safety and love of my family.  I have a comfortable home, easy for socially distancing.  I have more than enough food and financially I have no worries.  Unfortunately, so many Americans this year cannot say the same.  There is an increase of food insecurity, evictions will be coming after December 26th when the government moratorium runs out and there is widespread unemployment.  We have been giving more to food charities and will continue this giving into 2021 as the need will be around for quite some time.  The election is over and with the hope of a new, more empathic and experienced administration I am hopeful in 2 to 3 years this will be only a dark memory.

I would ask you to look inward and look around you this holiday season for the blessings around you.  Even in bad times there is always something to be grateful for.  If you are blessed with more than most, please look inward on what you can do to help others as this is truly the only way to get beyond this by helping others.

I wish everyone reading this blog to stay safe and have as happy a holiday season you can have.  My prayers and blessings are will all of you.


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