2020 – What I Learned About Myself

This year started like so many before with ringing in the new year and hope for the future.  As usual I set goals to spend more time visiting friends, exercising at the gym more and generally taking better care of myself.  Little did I know what the year had planned.

In February my daughter surprised me with a Celine Dion concert. March 11th  George and I left on our 17 day vacation to California/Hawaii with friends.  Although, our government knew more than they were telling us the Coronavirus was already here and spreading.  We had to end our vacation 5 days early to make sure we could get home safely.  When we arrived at Philadelphia International Airport it looked like a ghost town.  I had never seen anything like it.  If you live in the United States you know how badly we handled this pandemic and there is still great pain and death to come. 

George and I followed the science and listened to what experts like Dr. Fauci had to say.  We took the matter seriously.  We do not live in fear, but rather caution.  We took long drives in the countryside.  We ordered takeout to help local businesses.  We donated regularly to food banks to help those less fortunate.  Each day we have been thankful for all we have and each other.

What I have learned about myself is my ability to pivot and change course.  I had to do this when my husband died and I continue to do it today.  One thing we can count on is change.  Being willing to pivot and change course helped me to maintain a positive attitude and continue to have hope for my future.  I was not able to visit with friends in person, but did reach out via social media and phone calls.  I did not get to spend holidays in person with family but with Zoom we made it work.  Our holidays were not the same, but they were special none the less.  I crafted more and sent cards to seniors and friends alike to brighten their days.  I posted pictures of what I called Covid 19 meals.  This seemed to spark some excitement in people to create more meals for their families and to set a nice table.  I have learned to just live in the day and not continue to plan.  I do look forward to getting my vaccine and going on vacation late next summer.  But, I am not ready to plan it just yet.  Instead I will await the possible pivot and work from there.  

I continue to focus on what I can do and the blessings I have and not what I lost this year.  We tend to have preconceived notions of what our life is supposed to be instead of realizing our life turns out exactly as it should. 

I look forward to 2021, but this time I make no predictions or take stock in what I think will happen but rather just take each day as it comes and always be ready to pivot.


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