Trump Was the Symptom, Not the Cause!

I took a deep breath on Inauguration Day.  I regained hope regarding the survival of our democracy.  However, the fight is far from over.  As much as I loath what Donald Trump stands, am baffled by how 74 million people could vote for him and like the values he represents.  I am reading a book by John Dean, Authoritarianism, Trump and Trump followers and I am seeing more clearly why people continue to follow him.

In my mind, a democracy is where the majority rules and our society work toward equality and inclusion.  However, for a good many Americans inclusion and equality is not what they seek.  They want only Christian values and white values to lead and others who appear different need to remain separate and in the back of the line.  Although our country has evolved over the years by the multiple demographics of people who reside in America, the puritanical views are alive and well.  There is an overwhelming view of ‘I have mine and I don’t care that you don’t have yours.’  This is never clearer in our tax laws and making sure we are not charged an equitable about so everyone in our country could have access to healthcare and good schools as well as college educations. 

Donald Trump spoke to this attitude and deep down we are still a very divided and prejudiced country.  I don’t know how we change attitudes by allowing others to share in opportunity we are not taking away from the ‘white race.’  The extremism and white supremacy growth we are seeing is because the attitudes and feelings were always there, but Donald Trump gave them a voice and validation.  Add to his voice the media outlets, congressmen and women that push the false narratives of fear and conspiracy and you have the perfect storm as evidenced on January 6, 2021 at the Capital Building.

For those of us that feel our democracy and rights of all seeking freedom and equity in this country we must not give up the fight and keep speaking out and voting leaders in to be our voice and seek the vision of opportunity for ALL people, not just the loud few.

In closing, if we do not hold Donald Trump and his family accountable for the crimes they have committed and bring them into the light for all to see, we cannot heal and unify as a country.  I know this posting is more political than positive, but I needed to speak my truth as I watch what is going on around me.

Try and stay positive and hopeful as we more forward as a nation.


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