How Do We Bridge The Divide?

How do we reach out to someone who has embraced conspiracy theories and lies. Someone willing to follow one man instead of ideals and who has lost their moral and ethical compass? I hear from Republican lawmakers how the Democrats must reach across the isle and compromise. For the past four years the Republican party has done everything but compromise. They followed a bully and authoritarian. They continue to follow him even though he is disgraced and the majority of Americans feel he should have been convicted for causing an insurrection. However, Donald Trump has many enablers both in government and media. That leads me back to my question. How do I communicate with someone I care about when they have fallen for the ‘Big Lie’ and continue to support a known corrupt person and will not accept our democracy and current president as legitimate.

I struggle with this theory that I must find common ground. How do I get past seeing them in a different light? How did I not see the bigotry and feelings of fear before? Right now I am hunkered in my home until I can receive the COVID vaccine, but when I can resume getting together with friends again I don’t know how I will be able to just make general conversation with the undercurrent I am feeling. I would love to hear from anyone either feeling the same or being successful in bridging the divide. I hope a year from now we may see a more united states.


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